Covid19 Art Fundraiser

I have started a fundraiser for multiple charities on Facebook (search for @GratitudeArt4Generosity on FB). Two in Italy and one global organization that supports both U.S.A and 80 other nations. All three primarily support medical and healthcare organizations right now. To thank you for opening your hearts and wallets to the charities below during this global crisis, I will send one original acrylic painting to your home for free! Details on how to donate and get your thank you artwork are below!

I selected DirectRelief for USA and 80 countries. An organization that has high efficacy rating from Guidestar and Charity Navigator.

For Italy, I selected Red Cross of Italy and Specchio dei tempi.

For anyone who donates directly to those organizations through Facebook, I will be sending one of my original artworks created specifically for this project as a thank you gift! My initial goal is to raise 2 thousand dollars for all 3 charities, and hope to raise more, and include more organizations, both local and abroad.

Hiding from a puny little germ for several weeks at a time is nothing new for 400 plus millions of us who are immune deficient. Art and books are a great source of comfort, a beautiful way to pass the time, and an anchor to the world outside minus the craziness! I’m hoping to spread a little bit of that joy around by sending you a painting at my cost – if you can open up your wallets and hearts to those on the front lines right now!

This site will have the updates and pictures of the paintings but you have to go to Facebook ( links above) to donate directly to those charities. Please donate there with your real name and then send me your address by messenger or to this email – and I will mail you the painting!

First 4×4 Painting is complete! Painting already Gifted and will soon be on its way to Donor.

For every $25 donation to any of the 3 charities – you will receive a 4×4 acrylic painting with easel display!

5×7 Painting complete!
Image credit: Vikas Duvvuri

For every $50, you will receive a 5×7 acrylic painting without the easel display. Will post pics here once the paintings are complete!

5×7 Painting!
Image Credit: Kasey Merten

Painting already Gifted and will soon be on its way to Donor!

Current Updates


To learn more about my other artwork:

I’m also open to doing personalized paintings for donations $50 or more directly to those charities!